I am an artist, designer and academic with an international background, diverse education and professional experience. My expertise as a practicing artist and designer is in drawing, furniture design and sculpture, where I place a strong emphasis on the interface between drawing and making (or vice versa) in my design process. As an educator I am most interested in the challenges and rewards presented by teaching First Year design studio. I have a basic attraction to the workshop as a driving vehicle for design education and look to make this space a key component in my teaching programmes. I also explore innovative approaches to teaching history, theory, writing and research methods in the contexts of studio-based curricula. My scholarly work combines archival investigations with critical frameworks, research methodologies and writing strategies borrowed from other humanities and social science disciplines, particularly anthropology.
Originally from Wilmington, North Carolina, USA I am now based in Oslo, Norway.
jeremie [at] fulbrightmail [dot] org
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