Student work (selection)
The first images are from a week-long project I led as a guest artist at the Department of Architecture, University of Oulu, Finland (winter 2001). Taking Alvar Aalto’s classic bent-wood chair design as their focus, students were tasked with transforming this ‘cult object’ through a series of planned assaults. Responses were diverse, ranging from playful to heretical in nature.
The next images result from the First Year studio programme I led as Assistant Professor in Aberdeen (autumn semester 2009). Conceived as an alternative to traditional paradigm and precedent studies in architectural education, the ‘Colonial Furniture’ project again employs concepts of planned assaults, heretical action, playfulness and willful desecration. Working in small groups, students produced ‘trojan horses’ that were to enter and progressively disrupt a classic site in the architectural canon.
The final images present work produced during a semester-long course titled Architectural Tools which I initiated and led as part of my First Year design studio programme in Aberdeen (autumn semester 2009). Taking a simple task in the workshop as its starting point, the course went on to explore – through jumps in concept, scale and medium – the dynamic interrelationships between drawing and making and their limitless potentialities for creative thought and practice. Working with a variety of materials and techniques, each student generates a theoretically endless archive of design possibilities.
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